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brighton beach
acrylics on canvas
barbara spurr 650
Height 21" width 15"
orders taken
Height 21" width 15"
Price 180
Stoneware goat. SOLD
This is a landscape canvas painting of the beautiful Glynde countryside with vibrant colours, available in A3 card mounted print, created by Bar Spurr (2005).
Stoneware vase with shell impressions and fish tumbling into to center. 485
An A3 card mounted print of the famous stones at Brighton Beach, created in 2006, created by Bar Spurr.
Another landscape from Bar Spurr, of the Ditchling Beacon area in East Sussex, available in A3 card format, produced in 2005.
A beautiful and practical stoneware garden table planter with drainage hole, 14 inches in diameter. Made to order 35
Stoneware vase with impressed leaves and cones with leaves tumbling into the center. 395